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How To Build a Brand?

Building a brand is more than just making a logo and selling the product. A brand has to have a story to tell to magnet customers. There are several major steps in creating a brand and each is crucial to be connected to each other to deliver a consistent and strong brand image. To start with, here are the vital steps:

Major Steps in Building a Brand

Research about your target market and competitors.

Google your product category and determine the direct and indirect competitors in your industry. 

Check anything that relates to your customers and analyze online engagements, conversations, and suggestions. 

Conduct a focus group discussion or interview a potential customer and ask them why they buy the product of the brand in your category. 

Follow social media accounts your target audience browse and get their products from. 

Shop online and offline and try to see how your target audience browses and their overall experience. 

Decide on your brand personality.

Your brand must have a solid personality to make a statement. It will serve as your positioning impact on the market. A positioning statement is a one or two-lined claim of your brand in the market. It helps you create your brand. It is your unique value proposition and it will play a major part in your brand’s message. You can start with three adjectives that describe your company. It will be the words your audience will know you for. 

Create a catchy yet memorable brand name.

Your brand name typically depends on the kind of business you have. It matters to your business a lot. Your brand name gives your business meaning in the market. Although a catchy and memorable name is a requirement, it has to be directly related to your brand image and story.

Ways to Create a Brand Name

  • Make up your own word.
  • Reframe an unrelated word.
  • Use a metaphor or a suggestive word.
  • Describe your brand literally. (Fancy Bamboo Fencing Panel Experts )
  • Alter the word by removing letters. (ex. DSGN Here)
  • Create an Acronym (HBO)
  • Combine two meaningful words. (pin + interest =Pinterest)

Create a slogan.

A slogan that has a ring to it, brief, and meaningful will go a long way. A slogan delivers an impression to your audience and adds more information about your brand story. 

Ways to Create a Catchy Brand Slogan

  • Stand your claim in the industry. 
  • Create a metaphor to bring intrigue.
  • Tap your customer’s attitude towards your product.
  • Make rhymes.
  • Describe your brand literally. 
  • Enhance your labels to make a statement. ( ex. Cards Against Humanity)

Pick the right colours that deliver the right character.

  • Choosing your colours.
  • Choosing your font.
  • Choosing shapes and forms. 

These elements are very important. They have to be cohesive, portray the right message, and deliver a clear image to your audience. 

When building a brand, it is important that it has to be consistent and connected across your marketing and branding efforts. It is crucial to ensure that your brand is delivering a concrete message to your potential consumers. 

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